World Day Against Child Labour

Many children around the world have been and unfortunately are still engaged in various types of paid or unpaid work activities that are detrimental to their health. Child labor abuse includes the employment of children as workers, especially at a very young age, to perform work activities that are dangerous and illegal and that prevent and threaten their physical, mental, social and educational development.
In the least developed countries in the world, 1 in 4 children (aged 5 to 17) is engaged in activities that negatively affect children’s growth and development.
One in ten children around the world have the status of #ChildLabour, ie they are in the category of child labor abuse.
The current global crisis is expected to drastically increase the number of exploited children around the world.
Every child deserves a safe and happy childhood. as well as through our entire work and activities, we are still fighting and advocating for children and their rights.