About us

Association for human and social development Project Happiness

Project Happiness is an association, one of its kind in the country, that focuses on improving of the quality of life, creating opportunities for education and learning for children and young people fewer opportunities.

Founded in 2015, Project Happiness has quickly become a synonym for happiness to children, a synonym for transparent and rewarding work, building a philanthropic and humane society that generates possibilities for children of social risk, particularly focusing on children who live in poverty and children from rural areas.

All of our projects are concentrating on providing a better quality of life for children of social risk.

We inspire society to social responsibility, individuals to philanthropy and volunteering, companies to the corporate responsibility they have towards the society which generates their revenue.


Our vision is that united we can make great changes.

There is no happiness in the future without happy and educated children.

Therefore, we focus on creating opportunities for them.

In our country, many people live in poverty.

50 per cent of the children in North Macedonia lack the minimum living conditions, equal opportunities, access to informal education and technology, and, many of them live on the verge of existence due to the economic powerlessness of their families.

These children, we believe, should be given the chance to succeed, to leave their current restraining environment and fully use their potentials and qualities.

Project Happiness has a data base with over 1,200 children registered countrywide, with whom it continually works and involves into its projects, but also provides assistance with their every- day necessities.

With over 3,000 donor collaborations with individuals and companies, and over 10 000 000 annually distributed financial aid, our association is a leader in aid and support for children with fewer opportunities.

Together we can do much more, the question is do we have the will to it!

Project Happiness team

The core of the organization. Hart, brain and engine of all projects.

Kristina Arnaudova Petrovski

A society cannot be happy and productive if children are unhappy and lack opportunities. Therefore, to have a prosperous future we need happy and educated children.
  • President and founder of Project Happiness
  • BA in Business Administration
  • Singer, song writer, producer, human rights activist