equal opportunities for all children

The report, made by UNESCO as a priority in this new crisis situation due to the Covid 19-Corona virus, states the inaccessibility of educating children at social risk, due to the lack of devices for online teaching and Internet access. This is a global problem. We, as an association that deals with the problems faced by children at social risk, have prepared a project for the purchase of tablets and training for them, if necessary, for 150 children from all over the country, who during this period did not have access to education.
As an association, we have identified this problem as one of the most pressing times of the Corona Crisis, when we do not know how long children will have to attend classes online. We have applied this project to the call of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to deal with the consequences of the Corona Crisis. Unfortunately, our project was rejected. We do not intend to complain and whine, given that we have been rejected very often, and so far we have not received a project at the request of the Government. But we want to point out that you have to detect and set priorities and know what the points where the Corona crisis did the most damage. If this is not education and equal access to education, then one should seriously consider the readiness and knowledge of those who evaluate the projects, given that this is a very sensitive topic.

We will continue to fight for equal opportunities for all children, whether we receive financial support or not, because that is our Mission and Vision