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Project Happiness informs, collaborates, criticizes and motivates every day to make efforts and changes for the better status of all children

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Mission & Vision

Every child deserves love and happiness

Better education

for children with fewer opportunities

Social inclusion

for children with fewer opportunities

Better informal education

for children with fewer opportunities

Building a volunteer society
Building philanthropic awareness

and social responsibility among the population and the business sector

Children's happiness as the key

to a happy and productive society

Psychological support and mentoring

to children with fewer opportunities

Assistance in the daily needs

of children with fewer opportunities

Motivating and building self-confidence

in children with fewer opportunities

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President and Founder of Project Happiness

Kristina Arnaudova Petrovski

A society cannot be happy and productive if children are unhappy and lack opportunities. Therefore, to have a prosperous future we need happy and educated children.
  • President and founder of Project Happiness
  • BA in Business Administration
  • Singer, song writer, producer, human rights activist

Hear the children

The biggest reward for all the time and energy used is just a few words from the sincere mouths of children. Children do not lie!

Your sincere love and care for each child is a great contribution to happiness.
Viktor S.

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