The house in Usje, successfully renovated

Dear friends, last week we finished the home in Usje, where a father and son live, as part of the Project House with Kristina project. We are very happy that we succeeded, because the reconstruction of that home was extremely difficult, given the condition of the home. But that would not have been possible without the people and companies that got involved, donated and together we made the dream come true for this family!
Thanks to:
-Matej Minchev and Dimitri Gorgjiev from Canada, young boys of Macedonian origin, made a fundraiser, and raised funds to cover labor costs, which were the highest item. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
– The company Road Legends which is a company from Chicago, but owned by Macedonians, who also got involved and donated funds for a new roof construction.
– Chromak our friends for paints and varnishes here had a great task, and they were of great help to us! With their wall paints, facade paints, varnishes, styrofoam, etc., we managed to do a miracle! Thank you
– The construction company Eurovia Group that donated windows,
–The construction company ADRA Dooel which supported us and donated construction materials,
-Adziko Home Center which are part of every home in Project House, and in addition to furniture, they donated carpets and laminate.
– RiverSoft who again donated white goods for this home,
-Daikin Macedonia and Pakson, a premium partner of @DaikinMacedonia, are our new friends and donors, and have donated an inverter air conditioner to this family as a year-round heating and cooling solution. An ecological solution that will protect the environment but also the domestic budget ❤️! Thanks!
– The Initiative Joint and Responsible Parenting by Marriage, which supported us with funds we allocated for electricity, plumbing and screed.
– Mebel Acevski who were with us again and made the kitchen, as well as elements for the hall and the table.
-Chavle who are our new friends donated a beautiful dining table with chairs
-Sofa Studio donated a luxurious living room and a bed for a children’s room
– KeraPro Panaria also donated beautiful tiles for this home
– Lotus Design – Zvezda Komerc donated bathroom furniture of their own production and toilet bowl.
– MACEDONIA insurance Vienna Insurance Group are our faithful friends for every home! They donate annual insurance for every home in Project House and thus our families are safe in every aspect! In this house, they also took care of the yard of the house, and therefore we thank them from
-Niprom is the company that donated the interior doors
-“Polar” security doors donated the front door.
-Viento Lighting Skopje once again donated lighting fixtures
-Europharm Pharmacies that take care of Kristina and the masters to have enough strength and energy with Jamieson Macedonia,
-And dm drogerie markt Makedonija friends of Project House who donate cosmetics and hygiene products for every home from Project House!
-И Sloga Prom Uvoz-Izvoz D.O.O.E.L. Kavadarci who donate frozen food from their range to families for three months.
-Bed linen for all homes is from Immoricon.

Special thanks to Dejan, Blagica, Bojana, Marija, Sasho, and the children from the Children’s Drama Studio Neverland of Project Happiness, who did their best to complete this reconstruction successfully!
And what this reconstruction looks like, you will see on TV soon when Proekt Kukja so Kristina will start broadcasting…