Be a “Big Heart Company” and join our mission

Dear friends, users and donors, it is time to thank all those who were with us last year, were our support, donors, sponsors, who helped our customers, especially children, to provide many services and needs in these difficult times for all. But now is the time of year when we are looking for new collaborators, companies that will become our partners in the humanitarian mission, will be our support and our back, because without YOU, dear companies with big hearts, which we called “Friendly companies” are this would not be possible. Many thanks to all the individuals who are involved and with their own means help the families, exactly where they need to be. This year, our association for each company will introduce a certificate for “Company with a big heart”, which will include all companies that will donate material assets thanks to which we operate and work. All companies that have not been with us so far, and want to join us, are welcome to do so, and for any information they can write us an email or message at The more companies with big hearts the less poor children live without basic living conditions. The more friends, the more happiness !!! Therefore, be a “Company with a big heart” and join our mission, become our partners! Yours, Project Happiness!