Christmas donation with Project House

Dear friends, we have a big surprise for you! New Year is a time when we should rejoice in new things, new beginnings, gifts… But unfortunately many do not have the luck to receive gifts! That is why we, as part of the Project House with Kristina project, together with all our donors and companies with big hearts, came up with a big surprise and joy for you! In the Christmas edition of Project House we will give valuable, big prizes, for those who need Christmas joy the most! The rules for participation are as follows: 1. To participate, you must leave a comment below this image and share this post 2. You should follow the page of Project Happiness and Project House with Kristina / Proekt Kukja so Kristina 3. You should be in the social risk category (single-parent families, low-income large families, low-income families, low-income families, or social assistance recipients) 4. The prize game will last from today 13.12.2021 to 19.12.2021 until 15:00 5. Any comment left later will not be considered valid 6. The winners will be selected at random and will be announced in the Christmas show of Project House on 09.01.2022 7. If by chance any of the winners do not qualify, the prize will be drawn again 8. When collecting the prize, the winner should submit proof of social status, income, etc. This is designed because these people need joy the most, and especially because Project House, despite wanting to make everyone happy, is failing because it involves hundreds of families seeking help. The prizes are: Home Appliances, Furniture, Building Materials, Sanitary Ware, Packages of products and are really very valuable and wonderful awards from all the supporters of Proekt Kukja so Kristina and humanity! We always think of all of you, and your happiness, because we are Project Happiness ❤️