grandmother Milica’s house before and after

In this big apartment we made as always, total reconstruction, new electricity, plumbing, we made another toilet to have two, in the house we made two kitchens, and two living rooms, so that everyone would have their own space, and the children and their grandmother. We opened a window in the room where there was no window and natural light, installation on them under, laminate, brand new furniture in each room, new white goods. All this would not be possible without people and companies with big hearts.
The main sponsor for this home was the company Soloprom
-Paints, varnishes, glues, joints Hromak
– RiverSoft white goods
-furniture, carpets, laminate Adziko Home Center
– annual home insurance MACEDONIA insurance Vienna Insurance Group
– bathroom furniture Lotus Design – Zvezda Komerc
-sanitary ware Frigo Shob
-window by Darko Josevski
– plasterboard, donation from an anonymous person
– KeraPro tiles
– cosmetics and home chemistry dm drogerie markt Makedonija
-small kitchen, chest of drawers, hall Mebel Acevski
– large kitchen BK MEBEL
– cabinets, desks, bed Karat-M
– upholstered furniture, an anonymous donation from a company
– clothes for children Fashion Group Macedonia
– sofa and armchairs Sofa Studio
– lights Viento Lighting Skopje Viento Lighting Skopje – Lighting and Decoration
– vitamins for the family Eurofarm Pharmacies
– food for the family Sloga Prom DOOEL
– donation for installation of a new heating system, natural person
– books and literature Ars Lamina Ars Lamina
-bedding from Immoricon