Colorful Summer successfully realized for the fifth time

For the fifth time this year, our sports summer camp for children with less opportunities “Colorful Summer” took place. We believe that every child should enjoy summer vacation, socializing and fun, traveling and getting to know the country. Unfortunately, many of the children have never been on summer vacation. That is why we are here to find those children and bring them happiness and summer memories that they will remember forever! Thank you to everyone who is with us on this mission! This year we thank the whole of Krushevo for the hospitality, the Mayor Tome Hristoski for the logistical support, a visit to all monuments and natural beauties, the health center of Krushevo for 24 hours support, the Hotel Montana for the greatest hospitality and wonderful staff and food, food Thanks to Blagica and Eli who were the best educators in the whole world! This would not have happened without the support of The City of Skopje

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Paint It Black Hotel & Spa


Biotek Laboratory

Europharm Pharmacies


Data Masters

Until next year! ❤️