Happy School Year

For the sixth year in a row, we are realizing the largest donor project for school equipment for children at social risk! #happy school year 2021! There is no child who does not want to go to school on the first day of school with a new backpack, a new school kit, beautiful notebooks and pencils …. Unfortunately, a huge number of parents can not provide that to their children. That is why we are all here, and that is why this project exists! Every child should and must be happy! Let’s make Macedonia together a country of humanitarians and philanthropists, a country of people who help each other and who love each other! We expect companies engaged in the production and distribution of school equipment to donate in large numbers. We expect all individuals, with big hearts, each within their capabilities, to give their contribution so that this school year will be happy for all children! We work tirelessly on the happiness of children, who for some reason, miss it …. But all of you together, are our strength. Without all of you, we are powerless. Let’s show once again that a huge number of big hearts are here to create happiness!