The apartment of the family in Stip was successfully renovated

Friends and supporters, more than two weeks ago, almost at the same time as the home in Usje, we finished the home of the single mother of two teenagers from Stip. We are happy that we succeeded, despite the many obstacles that happened to us in that home.
From the very beginning we had a big problem finding masters. We barely found it, and that together with the homeowners.
We could not find supervision for the facility, so they were in the role of supervisor.
We asked the companies for at least transportation for rubble and labor to help us transport construction materials to the 5th floor, but we did not receive a positive response there either.
But in the end we managed to finish and bring happiness to a family, with a complete transformation of the home, and living conditions where each member will enjoy their space! You will see what the complete transformation of this home looks like soon on TV when the show Proekt Kukja so Kristina starts airing.
We built this home without a single penny of cash donations. We covered all the costs ourselves from our own funds. We did not expect that any company would respond to the call to join this home with financial support, but this is the first time.
But that is why we received support in materials from the companies that are always with us, with the support of several companies from the business community from Stip.
We thank the big hearts and the social responsibility of the following companies:
– ZLATEV company from Stip that made the plate furniture in the home
– RiverSoft who are with us constantly together with their brand Vox donate complete white goods
-Hromak our friends for paints for walls, varnishes, glues, joints and what not…
– Adziko Home Center donated furniture, lighting, terrace table, carpets, wallpapers and small appliances from the Hausberg brand.
– a company that wishes to remain anonymous donated all the upholstered furniture
– SATE Ceramica donated tiles and a shower screen
Chavle furniture donated a lovely dining table and chairs!
– Introinvest DOOEL donated plasterboard to us and financed the second painter
– Thanks to the tilers who were the only ones who worked humanitarianly, without a fee!
Coffee Lab donated the air conditioner,
Lotus Design – Zvezda Komerc thanks for the sanitary ware
dm drogerie markt Makedonija always with us, a set of hygiene and cosmetics for the whole family
Our great friends Osiguruvanje Makedonija AD – Vienna Insurance Group also donated a home insurance policy for this home from all possible damages, thefts, etc.
Europharm Pharmacies always take care with us that we are all healthy and strong,
Slogan Prom Uvoz-Izvoz D.O.O.E.L. Kavadarci donate frozen food for three months to families
Interior doors Niprom Strumica.
And the bedding is from Immoricon.
Every home is ennobled with books published by Ars Lamina /!
Project Happiness with the funds raised from Art and Craft Fundraise covered part of the costs, and part of own funds:
toilet door,
front door,
Master Painter
parquet master,
plumbing master,
master of electricity,
transport and logistics,
part of building materials,
To the next home!
With new strength, and hopes that this mission of ours will somehow succeed, and that you will open your hearts to make great changes together!
Because we can not do anything alone! And together we can do a lot! The question is do we want?