Project Happiness is always here for you

Dear users and dear children, we are sorry that most of you had a difficult school year. Our requests to companies that could donate free internet remained unanswered, although we wrote to them several times with requests for understanding. Thanks to several socially responsible companies and #донирајкомојутер and Borce we were able to distribute 100 teaching devices, and thanks to several companies we were able to pay for the whole year to 20 families. But dear children, you are brave, resilient… And better students than many who have everything! And when you are big and successful, remind yourself that you should not only think about yourself and your own profit, but also become people with big hearts who will share their happiness with those who have less. These big tycoons, companies, institutions with huge profits, that have left you in the lurch, let them be an example for you that you should not and should never be. And we, Project Happiness, ordinary people, will always be here for you, the big little People ❤️.