#FoodForEveryFamilyFor Holidays

This year, we begin with the most beautiful news and happiness for thousands of people!
You and We Are The Champions again! Champions of happiness and humanity! Congratulations friends!

The project “Food for every family for the holidays” included:

👉480 donors

👉810 families or about 3240 people at social risk from all over Macedonia received food, hygiene items and various gifts!

👉you sent cash donations directly to some families that were used for food, rent, wood, electricity in the amount of 122,500 denars !!!

👉All this is realized within 20 days!

Тhat what you do for children and families is the gold medal!

Project Happiness is happy because I have all of you at his side! On the side of humanity and love! May you be alive and healthy wonderful people !!! #FoodForEveryFamilyFor Holidays 

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