Happy 5th birthday Project Happiness

Dear friends, today is our birthday! Project Happiness turns 5 years old! 5 most beautiful years For you and with you! In these 5 years we have done amazing things together! We are most proud of the fact that with thoughtful and professionally developed philanthropic and humanitarian actions we have raised the social responsibility in the country to a new, much higher level! Project Happiness short in these 5 years:

  • has its own summer camp for children with fewer opportunities Colorful summer
  • has its own children’s drama studio which is free for children “Neverland”
  • free music school for children with disabilities, “Guitars, drums and gigs”
  • we have about 2000 donors a year who donate for families and children directly to families!
  • we have families and children we help every day which are the same four digit number, we are everywhere where it is needed ….
  • we build toilets and homes for families with children living in difficult conditions

Every day we fight for equal opportunities for every child and every person!

Thank you for being with us every day, they are more numerous and more motivated to build a better, socially responsible society together!
Without you all this would have been impossible! Thank you!


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