Call to the business sector

At our call to the business sector to get involved in our work as donors, which would support our existence and work, so far five companies have applied. Most of them are old friends and supporters, and some are getting involved in our work for the first time. Huge thanks to the companies Biotek Laboratorija that several times this year offered their services to our customers, EVN Macedonia, our most regular supporters from existence until today, then Tosic & Jevtic – Attorneys and counselors-at-law ,, Law firm Tosic and Jevtic “who are our new supporters but very important in this difficult period, Tikveš Winery – Tikveš Winery with which we have collaborated on other projects over the past years, and” Wholesale Dr. Panovski “, which in recent years have been involved in several projects. Thanks to them, and greetings for their continued social responsibility. Together we build equal opportunities for many children, and help for their families. We hope that the other companies will join and become our “friend companies” in the coming period.