Bon Ton for donation

This picture caught our attention because it is exactly what bothers us as an association and as people. When you want to do good to someone, help, avoid exposing people you are helping in public. It is already quite difficult for them to live with problems of any kind, without exposing them to the eyes of the world. If you want to help, do it because it’s the right way, not because everyone needs to see who you’ve helped. If you publish someone, then there must be a real reason for that.

1. The family wants to publish itself
2. If you encourage others to donate and get involved
3. If it is a campaign where the appearance of people who are being helped is mandatory because it is a matter of large material donations.

And don’t forget, posting personal photos without permission is a crime.

If you do this to take pictures, you better not.

We as an association publish photos of users only in case we have to, need or the users themselves want.

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