Warm home for everyone

Warm home for everyone is  a humanitarian project aimed at rebuilding and renovating homes for children and families at social risk and families facing poverty.

From the work so far and all previously realized projects and activities, we as employees and members of the Project Happiness had the opportunity to enter many homes and meet families living in inhumane and difficult living conditions. These are ruined, abandoned or uninhabited houses with moisture. The toilets used by the families are in a very bad condition, and somewhere they do not exist at all. Many people live in a custom room, windows and doors that do not seal, children’s rooms or children’s corners are just an idea or fantasy. “Inspired” by the pictures we saw and the desire to improve the living conditions of children and families at social risk, we began activities to realize a warm home for everyone.

The project started on December 15, 2019 with an official promotion and press for the project. A “New Year’s” song and video was recorded as a promotional show about the real situation in which children live and survive everyday life.

First of all, for the selected 10 families we will try in the current year to renovate and rebuild their homes.

The criteria by which the families were selected are: to be registered members of our association, to have children, to have social risk status, to have their homes owned, ruined homes and inhumane living conditions.