“Letter to Santa Claus”

“Letter to Santa Claus” is a New Year’s play.The whole play is like a New Year’s fairy tale that starts with an audio voice that guides us through the whole play and tells us a story.

The story takes place in a small town, where many children live. A few days before the New Year, a magical window appears in the center of the city, where every child goes and writes a letter to Santa Claus. The letters that the children write are the same on the audio and we get the feeling that the audience can read their thoughts. We have more scenes between brother and sister, friends and through their conversations we want to explain that it is much more important to hang out together than the material things that children usually ask for from Santa Claus for the New Year.

Then we see Santa and the animal helpers preparing for the New Year, until the moment when Santa tells them that he has lost three things: the glasses with which he reads the letters to the children, the special gift for the special girl – a music box and the Christmas tree – the lamp , which entertains children. But here we also want to show the children that if we all work together and in

harmony, there is hope to save the New Year and make all the children happy. All the animals and the Elf are organized together and in the end it ends with a happy ending, they find the lost things, and the Christmas tree-lamp returns home. And Santa Claus, thanks to the animals that saved the

New Year, happily and just in time, brings presents to all the children who sent him a letter.

We were hired by: Park Hotel, Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, Municipality of Karpos, Municipality of Prilep and Municipality of Negotino. On December 30, together with the children and Santa Claus, we played for the sick children at the clinical center, to beautify their new year and to share joy! We also played the play for the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Service for General and Common Affairs of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Directed and dramatized by Blagica Ristov.