I am Santa Claus

15th November – 30th December

humanitarian project

A New Year’s activity, in which Santa with a sleigh full of presents visits the children of poor families and brings Christmas and New Year’s presents.

This activity is supported by one or several Macedonian companies that would provide a substantial number of children’s presents.

This project activity is for children living in difficult conditions, and it is our way of showing them that there are beautiful moments in life, that we should have dreams and believe that dreams do come true, to let the children know that they have not been forgotten and that in the end good prevails over evil.

In 2017 this was the most successful humanitarian project of our association. Over 2,000 presents were donated from individuals, public figures and companies, and Santa Claus visited over 700 children in their homes and in various institutions taking care of children with fewer opportunities and children of special needs.

This project motivates everyone towards a common goal of building a happier society, encourages companies to socially responsible practices and individuals towards putting their philanthropy into practice by making conditions for happiness for the ones who need it most.

In 2018 it was again our association’s most successful project with over 3,500 gifts for the children from around 1,000 donators. Approximately 1,200 children were visited countrywide and Santa Claus travelled for seven days to personally visit the children in their homes.

Until now, it is the major and most unique project of this kind in North Macedonia, that we even thought about applying to the Guinness World of Records Completion with it.