A warm home for everyone will renovate a home in Shtip

Dear friends and associates, due to the crisis with Kovid 19, you know that our work in the construction and renovation of homes of people who need help the most temporarily stopped …. We waited impatiently to continue but the situation unfortunately only got worse … In the meantime, these days we have received an application for emergency assistance from the girl from Stip, about whom you know from the media. She was first beaten by two thugs, then lost by her father, and now lives alone and helpless. We have decided, no matter what, to renovate her home and use all our resources, donors and supporters who want to get involved. Therefore, today, we appeal to all of you who want to donate something that is needed for home renovation, to get involved, so that we could at least make everyday life a little easier.

electrical appliances (washing machine, stove, oven, TV, hood)
Dining table with 4 chairs
Entry door
Heated body (now there is a wood stove) so it would be best to have an inverter that will not consume much
Laminate flooring
Wall paint

We already have donors for other things!

And most importantly, we need masters from Stip who would work as volunteers (plumber, electrician, tilers, masons)

We believe that as always, we will succeed together with all of you!