We thank the local business community from Stip for the participation in Project House

In Stip, at Project House with Kristina, ZLATEV furniture responded to our call to involve the local business community, which will make the plate furniture for the apartment we work on, and we were also joined by Coffee Lab, who will help with some of the furniture. Intro Invest from Stip offered to help with plasterboard for this and other homes, and we are happy for the new collaborators! This time Adziko Home Center helps us not only with products from their rich range, but also with logistics, masters, and that means a lot to us! Bravo Stip! The truth is, we alone can do nothing without all of you! The idea of ​​Project House is to show that together we can make big changes with our works. I think we are well on our way to making that happen! For Stip we still have a lack of upholstered furniture, so everyone who can help is welcome to join! ❤️