Happy Day of Happiness

Hello, hello friends, Today is a day of happiness or a holiday for our and your Project Happiness. For a whole year now we have been facing a global health and economic crisis, which affects us all in different ways. Usually, in the past years we have organized fun happy activities to mark the day of happiness, which we enjoyed. International Happiness Day this year is dedicated to good health, caring for ourselves and others, to which we are joining. “Happiness for all, forever”, the theme of the International Happiness Day 2021 campaign, is a call to all people, nations and societies to build a happier life by advancing a totally new system of economic and human development that successfully delivers happiness. prosperity, health, security, prosperity, freedom and growth of all life on earth, without further risks of pandemics, crises or threats to humanity, never again. And we can achieve all this with calmness, wisdom, kindness and care. There are many factors that directly and indirectly affect us, and which we can not change, calm will help us to accept them and focus on a constructive and productive response to them. Be wise. Making smart choices helps us all. We choose positive activities that support our well-being and thus help others to do the same. Be polite. We are all in this together, even when we are forcibly separated. Stay connected and reach out to help others in need. Caring for the world begins with caring for ourselves and the community in which we function. Together we can do more, together we can do everything!