Thanks to the donors of computer devices!

Dear, these are the donations thanks to which many children can attend online classes this year! Many thanks to everyone who got involved and who gets involved! Donations to teaching aids: 

Galeksia – internet for 4 families for 1 year,

Nova School NOVA International Schools – 12 new desktops, 2 new laptops, 3 used laptops, 4 used desktops, 1 tablet, and 4 phones.

NextSense – 10 used computers and 3 new tablets.

Donate Computer – Borche Stamenov -17 used computers

IButik.MK – 1 new mobile phone

Donations from anonymous individuals: 1 new tablet 1 mobile phone 3 laptops 1 desktop computer And internet for one child in one year.

This is how happiness is created! With deeds!