Food for every family, for the holidays!

Dear friends, this year we will not make Christmas packages for children, there are a lot of individuals, other associations, and companies that already do that. We think that this new year will be different from all so far, because a huge number of families will not be able to afford food on their tables for the holidays. That is why we want to initiate an action, where each of you, who can and wants to, send a package of food to a family. For your and our safety, we will do our best to limit the contacts as much as possible, so: Any of you who want to send food for the New Year holidays to a family, let us know, and we will give you an address where to send the package, to which family, and to which address. We believe that this is still a priority this year, which we hope to send, and we will welcome a happier new year. Food for every family, for the holidays! Share this post, for as many people as possible to join, and make hundreds of families happy! Together we are stronger! The strongest!