Be careful with donations


we can happily conclude that larger companies and municipalities have started donating tablets to children who do not have them. That is excellent. But before you buy, please ask the professionals if the children can work on those devices, unless you intend to donate formally, regardless of whether the donation will be useful. Also, if you want the donation to reach CHILDREN IN SOCIAL RISK, you should contact an association that deals with and has a register of those children. We do not need and do not want you to give us those donations, just just ask for a list of children who need it, and we will deliver it to you. It’s that simple! Donations to say that it is a donation and you do not worry if the donation will be in the right place and if it will be useful, are not needed in this very difficult situation for children and families whose children are not attending school at the moment due to lack of equipment and internet.

With respect,
Project Happiness