Colorful summer

The fourth summer camp for children “Colorful Summer” on “Project Happiness” is over! All the children are back home safe, healthy and happy! Mihajlovo this year was a wonderful discovery for us! Magical nature and hospitable hosts! This year the children were selected according to a principle that was supposed to facilitate our organization in a pandemic. Children who had previously been to the camp, who we know, who are from Skopje or the surrounding area (because of the Covid 19 test we conducted) were selected, and who already had exemplary behavior at the camp itself. This was a big challenge for us too, but we gathered courage and decided to organize a camp with new protocols and rules. We succeeded in that and that is why we are infinitely happy! Thanks to all who supported us, City of Skopje, EVN, Casino Senator Macedonia, Europharm Pharmacies,, Tehnosan, Biotek Laboratories. We continue in new challenges and new adventures that bring happiness where it is most needed!