Project program of the Association for human social and human development “Project Happiness” for 2020

Dear friends, associates, supporters, philanthropists and partners to our Association “Project Happiness” today we want to share with you our project program for 2020. This year will be a very big challenge for us because beside our good well known projects we will work on new big projects for which we made strong foundations last year.

Your support will be more than needed.

  1. 1. Children’s drama studio for children at social risk “Neverland”

This is a drama studio we opened last year and it is intended for all  kids from 6 to 14 years old that have a wish and love for acting and theatre. We have classes twice a week and we prepare our own programs and plays that we play in front of all the children in our country. The drama studio is free of charge for all children who visit it and are in the category of “social risk”. Our graduate actress, Blagica Ristov, who has extensive experience working with children’s drama studios and children’s shows, leads the Drama Studio. This project is in cooperation and support of the Municipality of Centar. We thank them for supporting us, and for recognizing truly constructive projects.

Last year “Neverland” produced two children’s shows, and with great success played them in front of many audiences.
– The Wizard of Oz and
– Letter to Santa Claus.


  1. School of Music, Arts and Crafts, “Guitar Keys and Gigs”

We opened “Guitar keys and gigs” last year and it is the first school from this kind in our country. This school is designed for children at social risk to be able to study the arts, music and anything that, under certain circumstances, is unavailable to them in their everyday life. This school will be completely free for all of them. We have classes for guitar and piano and from this year we will include classes for fine art and various techniques, photography, handicrafts, and organizing workshops.

Professional musicians, artists, photographers will teach students and so on. Designed for children from six to 14 years.

Any new support in this project from a company, government agency, international fund or individual is welcome for the sustainability of this important project.


  1. Sports summer camp for children at social risk “Colorful Summer”

You already know this project, and this year after the fourth year, we will realize it. One of our favorite and most famous projects. This camp gave birth to many new friendships, memories, knowledge, and for many children, the first summer vacation took place. Each year several companies support it, and last year it was largely funded by the City of Skopje.


  1. 4. “Happy school year” – a project for the purchase of school supplies for children at social risk the project will be implement for the fourth year in a row. This project procures new, complete school equipment for over 300 children per year. Children get exactly what they need, depending on the age and grade they visit.
  2. 5. First Conference for Children at Social Risk, “Children’s Wish Summit”

Here kids are in charge, they tell us how to build a better world for them, kids with fewer opportunities. What they think may change, what is their pain and their happiness. We need to hear them here, because they know and can do much more than we think.

The project we realized for the first time in 2018 and it was a great success. Last year we failed to find financial support for this project. This year we will try to find, and make it even better. This is the only project of its kind in Europe.

  1. Motivational lectures and psychological workshops for children at social risk, for improving educational outcomes and coping with peer bullying “You Can”

This is another of our new projects that is about motivating children who live in difficult conditions, or who are victims of peer bullying. Reported children will work with a psychologist and motivational trainers specializing in child labor. We expect great success with this project. Lectures and workshops will last for one year and there will be  three workshops in a month.

We expect to find financial support for this project.

  1. Integral project to assist and improve the daily quality of life of children at social risk “Touch the Stars” by creating free services that children will use

We started this project last year and we have already created many free services for children through it. This is a large and complex project, which we believe will make a huge difference in the quality of life of children with fewer opportunities.

Foreign language courses, zoo tickets, theater, food, skating rink, amusement park, aqua park, swimming pools, sports activities … We have provided this as a free service for our children by signing memoranda of cooperation with companies, institutions and philanthropists.

We are working on this project without financial support that we hope to get  this year, given the great importance this project has for children, and the large number of children for whom these services are available.

  1. International day of happiness – 20 march

For the first time in our country we want to celebrate Happiness Day with a series of happy activities that will motivate all citizens to think more about how little happiness is needed, and how creating happiness is important for one society.

  1. Drama “Neverland” tour through Northern Macedonia

Our children’s drama studio will be touring the country to bring the theater arts closer to all children who rarely have the opportunity to watch theatrical performances.

  1. Annual concert of the school of music and arts “Guitar Keys and Gigs”

11.New Year project

This year, our New Year project will be focused on motivating the population to donate funds that will directly improve the lives of children living in extreme poverty, and a fund-raising campaign.

The program for this year is very large and complex, but we will do our best to realize everything we plan and dream.

The support from companies, local government, government agencies, international organizations, associations, and individuals will be more than necessary.