“Warm Home for everyone” will renovate the house of the Simonovski family

Project Happiness continues with the largest project so far, “A warm home for everyone”.

And we have amazing news!

Yesterday we were assessing the residence of the Simonovski family, a father with five children, who live in incredibly difficult conditions without the minimum conditions for normal functioning.
The reconstruction of the house will be undertaken by the main donor, the company Casino Senator Macedonia and Paint It Black Hotel from Gevgelija!
We are incredibly happy that they generously responded to our call to join. They were on the spot with a team yesterday, and decided to make the whole house completely, which currently has only bricks. The reconstruction estimate is 15,000 euros.

We are happy because those golden children will have a toilet, beds, their own room, kitchen, table, because they deserve it! Golden children, you will soon have a wonderful home thanks to the great heart of the donors! The furniture will need to be additionally purchased.
This is the second of 10 homes we plan to reconstruct or rebuild this year. Get involved, be remembered as light in the hearts of children.