online premiere of “The Wizard of Oz”

On this day a year ago, we rejoiced at the beautiful performance of the premiere of “The Wizard of Oz” and we were overjoyed and waiting for the big night and the premiere of the performances on the small stage of MNT.
An experience that made a big difference in children’s lives. From unknown friends, they became a family on the stage that attracted the attention of a large audience.
The long hours of work that the beautiful acting teacher Blagica Ristov had with the children contributed to an even more wonderful performance of the children’s play.None of this would be possible if our good “fairy” Kristina Petrovski Arnaudova did not love children so much and did not strive for a more beautiful children’s world.Many thanks to all the companies and friends who supported the realization of the “Wizard of Oz”

And today, for the second time, we will be looking forward to the premiere. This time online 🤩🥳